guardian program

At Redrock Bernedoodles our number one priority is the care and wellbeing of our parent pups.  In order to provide the level of attention and care we believe our pups deserve, each of our exceptional pups is selectively placed with a loving family.

Would you like to be part of our program by joining our Guardian family?

Each Guardian pup will be raised not only as a pet but as a member of the family for the duration of the pup’s life.  They are cherished and go on life’s adventures with their Guardian families while occasionally taking a break between litters. We only breed our girls 3-4 times before we retire them. We only have a few litters a year and will never over breed your Pup. This keeps standards high and allows us to uphold our ethical breeding philosophy. 

Redrock Bernedoodles will retain exclusive breeding rights to any dogs in our guardian program.  We choose only the best, most compassionate, and devoted families to care for our rare and desirable pups.  As a Redrock Parent you will be committed to love, train, and meet all of the pup’s basic needs. Here at Redrock Bernedoodles we are here to give you the tools to meet your new pup’s every need. We do all that we can to help you have the confident, best puppy you will ever have.

We currently have one dog available to a Guardian Home. Please visit the link below to view more information regarding the available dog.

Guardian Home Requirements

To qualify, you must reside in either Northern Utah or Southern Idaho, have a fenced-in yard that securely contains the dog, and not have any other intact dogs on your property (though spayed or neutered dogs are acceptable). Previous pet ownership experience is required. If you’re considering becoming a guardian home for a female dog, you must be comfortable with her heat cycles. Basic training and socialization will be facilitated by our trainer, and you must agree to follow the breeder’s nutritional and dietary guidelines, covering all associated costs such as food, vaccines, heartworm medication, flea and tick prevention, and veterinary care. Providing monthly updates and staying in close communication with the breeder is essential. If communication becomes difficult or the guardian family proves challenging to work with, the dog may be relocated without question.



what people are saying

“I didn’t know I could enjoy having a dog this much, I love this sweet pup. She is an answer to our prayers. Especially after swearing that we would never get a dog again. She has been good for us, I’m grateful for our Lavender.”

He’s even more than we hoped! Thank you for how you cared for him before he came to us. He is happy, healthy, trainable, and sweet. Following the schedule works great. He has been sleeping from 10-6. He is amazing

“If you would have asked a year ago I would have never considered getting a dog, but when you have a chance to get the best dog in the world, you do it. Thank you, Kathleen, for letting Scout join our family, she has been the best blessing, super sweet, and super fun.”

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